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AWS Case Study – CloudMGA on AWS

  SynchroNet deployed its CloudMGA virtual infrastructure on the Amazon AWS public cloud, and as a result, CloudMGA is easier to adopt, more dependable, and more cost-effective than ever before. The pilot project quickly evolved into a ready-for-market service offering. Use Case: Business Applications About the Business SynchroNet is an established IT consultancy and managed services provider (MSP) in […]

AWS Case Study – Vintage Underwriters

SynchroNet non-disruptively migrated Vintage Underwriters’ MGA business applications and user desktops to Amazon AWS in two weeks, cutting IT overhead and bolstering business continuity in a region known for impactful weather and flooding. Use Case: Business Applications About the Business Vintage Underwriters is a Managing General Agent (MGA) and Surplus Lines Agent in Houston, Texas. The […]

Dell H730 Series Controller Issues

Dell R730 pass-through in one of our deployments has been confirmed by VMware/Dell to cause issues.  We are being advised to update to new firmware, and drivers for the controller and the back plane. Symptoms of H730 Issue Symptoms logged in Dell iDRAC: No Symptoms VMware Level Symptoms: disks dropping and reporting unhealthy and removed. […]

How to pick the right VMware VSAN flash device

VMware VSAN has been shipping for a year now and I’ve noticed one line of questions. There are currently three ways to “consume” VMware VSAN. You can buy it turnkey-prepackaged with EVO:RAIL. You can buy the “kit car” reference design with ready nodes, or you can put on your design hat and go full on […]

Intel 10 Gigabit X540-AT2 Driver/firmware Issues

A quick post of an issue for VMware users of Intel’s new 10Gbps X540-AT2 model NICs. We began receiving alerts of high disk latency and network retransmits for a customer’s VMware VSAN Cluster.  Further investigation showed slow disk performance for Ethernet based storage VSAN/NFS/iSCSI and vMotion failures.  VSAN logs also showed RDT issues. The ixgbe […]

New VSAN Features

VMware VSAN : What’s new.   I’ll start with the little things.  In addition to pushing out new features with each major release, VMware is great at delivering usability and management tools that make adoption and deployment easy.  While many tend to focus on flashy numbers in new releases (“Support for a bazillion cores!”; “245% […]

Critical Bug for LSI Pass-through on VSAN

LSI 2208 pass-through in one of our deployments has been confirmed by LSI to be buggy.  We are being told to no longer use pass-through with this controller. We are being advised to migrate clusters to RAID 0 configuration in our deployments. Symptoms of LSI Pass-through Bug Symptoms logged in system IPMI: disks disconnecting complete […]

EVO:RAIL vs Ready Nodes vs DIY

Since the introduction of EVO:RAIL at VMworld, I have been fielding questions from people who are confused by the multiple Hyper-Converged options offered by VMware. In addition to EVO:RAIL, there are VSAN Ready Nodes, as well as the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option by piecing together components from the VMware Hardware Compatibility Guide. The following table shows some of the key […]

VSAN Switch Performance Whitepaper

When VMware announced the VSAN HCL we carefully reviewed the storage, HBA, and flash requirements. We were surprised to find that there was no formal HCL for the switches that would carry VSAN traffic. Only basic feature requirements and recommendations were stated. Traditional Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage vendors often require strict firmware, and model […]